Blogger Press Weekend: Part 2

Our first stop of our weekend was to Credo Beauty on Prince Street! I LOVE Credo, being in the store is such a unique experience and you feel so well taken care of every time! Credo’s motto says it all, “Totally Clean, Super Good, Absolutely Beautiful” That’s exactly what you’ll find when you’re here! We were greeted with champagne and a private shopping experience to test out any products/ask any questions to find which products were the best for each of us. I had my makeup re-done and I picked out a couple of body oils which I am IN LOVE with!

Although I think I loved everything at Credo, I ended up leaving with the Beauti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir . I honestly have never used oils on my face because my complexion tends to be oily and I figured this would make it worse so I’ve always stayed away. However, I learned that this is a huge misconception for most women and that oils are actually so much better for your skin and help with all types of common skin issues (pore size reduction, fine lines, acne / scarring/ etc. The consistency wasn’t greasy or goopy like I had expected it to be. It literally dried on my face and left it feeling clean and moisturized in the morning and has been helping significantly with break-outs and controlling redness and inflammation. Thank you Credo Beauty for educating me on this very important skin lesson!
I also chose the Jao Goe Oil which is all- over body oil. I tend to get super dry skin in the winter/spring because of the cold temps and my skin becomes flaky and develops patches of skin that are discolored. I was recommend this body oil to help lock in moisture and reduce the flakiness and redness of my skin. It’s been such a life-saver ever since, let me tell you! Again, there is no greasy feeling left on your skin.

Boxing at Rumble

So for starters.. I am so NOT a gym person, I have tried to be.. but it’s never been my thing and I don’t see it being ‘my thing’ anytime soon. However, I love to do fitness classes in a group setting, I’ve always felt that they’re more motivating when you have several other people present, they’re usually upbeat and of course when you’re with your girlfriends it makes it that much better! We were admittedly all pretty scared at first because it was something new, but we had so much fun! The class was super up-beat, the music was great and the instructor was constantly motivating you to keep on pushing. I didn’t even realize how tired I was and how sore my legs were until after the class. Andrew, the GM and Trainer at Rumble, was so great to us and so motivating! He spent the class helping us out, (trust me I needed a lot of help), giving us tips and making sure we were working to our potential while still smiling and having fun.

Yoga at Pure Yoga

Directly after Kickboxing we headed to hot yoga at Pure Yoga on the UWS. (Crazy? maybe a little bit!) I shamefully will admit that I was definitely in bed by 8pm on a Saturday night after these two consecutive classes .. LOL..two fitness classes is so not my normal routine. We were SO impressed by how clean and gorgeous the studio was. We spend a little time before the class exploring. It was such a calm and relaxing atmosphere everywhere. People would get to the studio early just to relax and utilize the many lounging areas available while peaceful music filled the studio. The class was definitely a little bit of a challenge as I haven’t done yoga in such a long time, but it was great because you really could take it at your own pace. There were beginners and more advanced people in the class, so everyone fit right in! I felt like this was such an amazing workout when I left the studio. I felt so re-energized, this was something that I absolutely needed! It made me realize how much I enjoy yoga and I’d love to keep pursuing it!

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